i’m tired and sad i’m gonna sleep my back hurts i ate too much today and i didn’t win at clue 


420 is so close I can almost taste all the bad jokes I’ll have to weed through

scar is so fuckin sexy 

I was too lazy to put headphones in so here I am lying on my bedroom floor in my underwear watching this on full volume and my mom walks in and asks me why I’m watching Spongebob at 1am and to turn it down because I woke her up or something but she doesn’t understand this is my life story 


Did some Gengar doodles on my twitter

i’m hungry, sad, and my lips are chapped 


"describe yourself in five words"


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too many fudge balls 

my dog is important to me and makes me happy and see the thing is i’m leaving him for a week and a half on sunday and i’m gonna be miserable without him i love him 

my phone has been dead since about 9pm and it’s really pathetic because i’m freaking out going this long without a phone who am i 

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big sexy aliens

come probe me 


Route 113


Route 113